Our mission is to serve our customers with honesty, integrity, and competence while taking the mystery and anxiety our of home financing. With each of our loan officers bringing 20+ years of lending experience to the transaction, we take the time to understand your personal financial circumstances and craft a mortgage that provides not only the lowest interest rates, but the lowest closing costs and down payment for YOU. Sometimes, circumstances are "vanilla" and sometimes it takes a more creative approach to bring borrowers and lenders together with a mutually agreeable solution. We have the expertise to assist borrowers in all types of situations while maintaining the integrity you deserve. We educate and guide you from the time you start thinking of purchasing a home through each step until you're holding the keys in your hand. We want to help you realize the dream of homeownership initially and be there for you as your housing journey evolves over time. 
Solutions Home Mortgage, Inc. was started by two friends and business associates, Mark DeCarlo and Michelle Golata, who desired to offer real solutions to all borrowers with honesty, which was sadly lacking in the industry at the time. We began in 2002 in a small office on Lake Street in the Village of Hamburg as as time went on, we outgrew two other office spaces and navigated the dark waters of the nationwide "mortgage meltdown" of 2007/08. We not only survived but thrived in its wake because of the dedication and virtue of our team. Now we are located in a newly renovated office in the heart of the Village on Main Street in Hamburg and employ several loan officers and support staff. 


MARK DECARLO graduated from St. Bonaventure University in 2000 with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, majoring in Finance. He was a branch manager at a local mortgage company in West Seneca before co-founding SHM in 2002 and serving as its VP. He took over as President of the company in 2004 and has helped hundreds of borrowers realize their dream of homeownership. He is very involved in his local community and currently serves as Supervisor of the Town of Brant in between writing mortgages and running the business. Mark is very empathetic and and excellent problem solver. You are in great hands working with Mark. Contact Mark DeCarlo at (716) 646-8432 or (716) 570-2660 or via email mark@solutionshomemortgage.com .

MICHELLE DECARLO began her career in mortgage finance in 1999 starting as a loan officer and working her way up to Branch Manager at a local mortgage company in Orchard Park. She wanted the ability to offer her borrowers more than one product at much better interest rates, so in 2002 she set out to open Solutions Home Mortgage. Quickly realizing it was overwhelming for one person alone, she asked her colleague Mark to join in on the fun and together they opened for business later that year. Michelle is a seasoned loan officer and handles all the compliance and marketing for SHM as well. She also serves on her local school board. In her spare time she enjoys reading, cooking, crafting, gardening, photography, and exploring the outdoors with her dog. Michelle would love to help you buy your new home so that you can enjoy all the little things that make YOU happy in your very own space. She specializes in educating all borrowers-especially first-time homebuyers- about the process and making the entire experience an enjoyable one. Contact Michelle at (716) 926-6292 or via email michelle@solutionshomemortgage.com .

BILL JAROSLAWSKY started his mortgage career in 1992 and has assisted thousands of borrowers in purchasing and refinancing their homes. Having previously served as VP of Mortgage Originations for the local J.P. Morgan Chase Bank branch as well as the local First Federal branch, Bill has extensive experience across all areas of NY State and continues to offer the highest levels of responsiveness to his borrowers while providing the mortgage lending expertise they deserve. Bill is a master in all types of mortgage scenarios and will guide you confidently through each step until the process is complete. You can feel secure leaving your mortgage in Bill's capable hands. Contact Bill today at (716) 926-6278 or via email bill@solutionshomemortgage.com .

KIM SEDOR has been working with mortgages since she began as a processor in 1993. She started with SHM in 2006 and has been a dedicated and proficient member of the team ever since. Kim will guide you through the loan process with ease and make sure your experience is stress-free and satisfying. Contact Kim at (716) 512-5622 or via email kim@solutionshomemortgage.com .

JON APPLEBY With over 27 years of experience in the mortgage and business industry, Jon has had the pleasure of meeting a lot of great people, sharing with them stories and experiences (both their's and his...) along the way. Many past clients now have grown children looking to purchase their first home. It is rewarding for Jon to work with this next generation while on their journey to homeownership. Jon always does his best to make sure the process isn't too overwhelming by explaning each step and welcoming any questions you may have along the way. Jon will take the time to guide borrowers through the lending process, including any challenges that may arise. Even with the continued changes and obstacles in today's lending arena, Jon still welcomes the challenges along with the opportunities the mortgage industry has to offer. Contact Jon at (716) 472-6596 or via email jon@solutionshomemortgage.com .